Interview with Russ Waterhouse of Blues Control

A unique combination of keyboards, guitar and tape manipulation, the experimental rock duo Blues Control casts their palette wide – invoking such different genres (sometimes simultaneously) as new age, krautrock and noise.  On , Blues Control teams up with new age zither artist, Laraaji, who is best known for his work with Brian Eno.  We talked with Blues Control’s Russ Waterhouse about the upcoming show at Roulette

ROULETTE:  Tell us as about the work you’ll be doing at Roulette. Possible things to speak to: what was the origin of the project?

RUSS WATERHOUSE: Matt at RVNG asked Blues Control to participate in his FRKWYS series of collaborative records, in which Matt pairs musicians from different generations.  We proposed a collaboration with Laraaji, and fortunately all parties were interested.  Lea and I were familiar with Laraaji’s records, and we had previously contacted Laraaji about sharing a bill at ESP Records, after seeing him perform in the East Village at Tribal Soundz.  In late 2010 we got together to record with Laraaji and his partner Arji Cakouros, improvising for several hours at Black Dirt Studio in upstate NY.  Our Roulette performance will be our first time playing together since that day.

R: Are there working artists today with whose work you identify, or rather, who do you consider to be your peers?
RW: The people we’ve collaborated with recently immediately come to mind: Laraaji & Arji, and Tatsuya Nakatani.

R: What was the last music you listened to?
RW: Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace Live 1976, Mauro Pilato & Max Monti “Gam Gam”, Blues Project s/t, Morton Subotnick A Sky of Cloudless Sulfur / After the Butterfly, Sleep Chamber Sonorous Invokations ov Brian Jones, Vangelis Papathanassiou Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit

R: What is music?
RW: Varèse’s concept of “organized sound” sounds about right.

R: Other thoughts?
RW: I’ve seen several great shows at Roulette over the years: Zeena Parkins, Michael Evans & Susan Hefner, and Gamelan Son of Lion.  I’m excited to finally perform there!




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