[JAZZ COMPOSER SERIES] Connie Crothers – Entirely Improvised

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 @ 8:00 pm

There are no musical ideas, thoughts, no strategies, no procedures. No overall plan of any kind will be brought to this performance, which will be entirely improvised. The very first note of the set will only be known to me when it is heard by you. Through an intuitive conduit, I will release the music intrinsically, the form being internal–within the music–rather than being external to it in any way (such as external to the moment when it is played). I want to be surprised by it, rather than present it to you. Because there are no pre-existing musical parameters, or safeguards, we are in the instant together when the notes are created.



CONNIE CROTHERS, pianist, is known for her wide range of expression and her uncompromising spontaneous improvisation. This year, the French label RogueArt released a four-CD box set, a duo with pianist David Arner, “Spontaneous Suites for Two Pianos.”  This box set was chosen for four best of 2012 lists.  She performs with a trio, TranceFormation, with Ken Filiano and Andrea Wolper. Just released is their CD, “TranceFormation in Concert.” She recorded duo with Alexis Parsons, “Hippin’.” Four CDs were released in 2011. “Live at the Stone, NYC’’ features her quartet, with Richard Tabnik, Roger Mancuso, Ken Filiano, performing with poet Mark Weber. Another band release is “Band of Fire,” the quartet plus Roy Campbell. “The Stone Set,” is a duet performance with Bill Payne. “Kingston Tone Roads,” features a duet with Kevin Norton, with Tabnik on one track. Ten of her CDs have been chosen by critics for their year’s best lists. Connie’s quartet appeared in the 2011 Vision Festival. Writing in Jazz Inside, Ken Weiss described this set as “the highlight of the Festival. Max Roach and Connie recorded duo, as part of Roach’s historic duets project–“Swish.” They performed duo at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in Tokyo, and at Harvard University, where she was honored as Visiting Jazz Artist. She has performed solo in the Vision Festival, at Merkin Hall in NYC, Interpretations series. She appeared in Location One (Roulette), Tonic. She performed with her quartet at the JVC New York Jazz Festival; Cultural Center, Ekaterinburg, Russia; De Singel and De Werf, Belgium; Bim House, Netherlands; the Blue Note, Village Vanguard and Birdland, NYC. She has performed with Henry Grimes, Jemeel Moondoc, Michael Bisio, Lenny Popkin, Warne Marsh. Just released on the Relative Pitch label is a duet with Moondoc, “Two.”


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