New York City Environmental Justice Alliance 25th Anniversary

Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Founded in 1991, the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) is gearing up to celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary! For 25 years, NYC-EJA has united and supported community-based organizations from the City’s most environmentally overburdened low income communities of color to fight for environmental and climate justice and community resiliency.

Join us for drinks, dinner, dancing, and a celebration of our honorees’ important contributions to NYC’s environmental justice movement. This celebration will be a chance to reflect on all that we have accomplished together as a movement, as well as an opportunity to enjoy ourselves, recharge, and continue carrying out this much needed work.

Mission: Founded in 1991, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 city-wide membership network linking grassroots organizations from low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice. NYC-EJA empowers its member organizations to advocate for improved environmental conditions and against inequitable environmental burdens by the coordination of campaigns designed to inform City and State policies. Through our efforts, member organizations coalesce around specific common issues that threaten the ability for low-income communities of color to thrive. NYC-EJA is led by the community-based organizations that it serves, with its board elected by its member groups, who set policy and guide program development. What distinguishes NYC-EJA is our ability to:

  • Create, nurture, and organize a collective voice to mobilize citywide support to resolve environmental justice issues.
  • Highlight key environmental justice issues and policies that arise in multiple communities, or impact citywide conditions, requiring innovative and creative problem solving.
  • Involve people of color and other stakeholders directly affected by environmental justice issues in leadership roles to resolve them.