Nobu Stowe / Andrea Centazzo

Saturday, September 25, 2010 @ 8:30 pm

Nobu Stowe – Lee Pembleton Project “Confusion Bleue” with Special Guests: Perry Robinson and Chris Kelsey
Andrea Centazzo – VISIONS : solo multimedia percussion and digital percussion concert

Nobu Stowe “Confusion Bleue” with Special Guest: Chris Kelsey (original special guest Perry Robinson will not attend this concert due to unforseen circumstance)
Nobu Stowe: Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Perry Robinson: Clarinet
Chris Kelsey: Reeds
Lee Pembleton: Sound
Ross Bonadonna: Guitars, Reeds
Ray Sage: Drums

“Confusion Bleue” is the title and the project behind the third album by Nobu Stowe on the
famed Italian label SOUL NOTE. In his 5-star review, Stef Gijssels of the widely popular
FREE JAZZ blog described “It is hard to describe, but you get more musical ideas and
influences in one album here, than in a dozen other, combined to organically forge a musical
universe that is coherent, full of drama and cinematic evolution and story-telling. It is not
about the expression of the individual supported by fellow musicians, although you get that
too, but a real collective and powerful sound sculpture. It is quite ambitious in its concept, but
the end result is stunning. Don’t miss it.”

“Confusion Bleue” merges two distinctive schools of contemporary creative music: musique
concr̬te and total-improvisation Рthe term coined by Keith Jarrett and refers to a genre
of fully improvised music embracing not only the traditional “free elements” but also song-
like melody, tonal harmony and rhythmic propulsion.

For this rare event, the clarinete legend Perry Robinson will join “Confusion Bleue” as the
special guest.

Nobu Stowe – Acoustic Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Nobu Stowe (Nobuyoshi Suto, Ph.D.) was born in Maebashi, Gumma, Japan. He started taking piano
lessons at age 3 and composition at age 6. Stowe moved to the US to study Music (composition) and
Psychology at University of California, at Berkeley. He then moved to Chicago to pursue graduate
studies at University of Chicago. After receiving the doctorate degree in Psychology, he moved
to Baltimore for post-doctoral training at National Institute of Health, and currently conducts
researches at University of Maryland. In Baltimore, Stowe formed the post-fusion unit TRIO
RICOCHET and quickly performed at top venues, including Blue Note N.Y., The Knitting Factory, and
Smithonian Institute. In addition to his composition-based projects, Stowe has lead/co-lead various
projects exploring ‘total-improvisation’ collaborating with Perry Robinson, Badal Roy, Andrea
Centazzo, Blaise Siwula, Dom Minasi et al. He has recently formed a new trio with the versatile
Italian multireedist Achille Succi and the drum legend Barry Altschul.

“VISION”, the latest multimedia solo acoustic and digital percussion work by Andrea Centazzo is an anthology of his solo works. After an intense season of improvised music (1972-83), Andrea made his debut as a filmmaker in 1984 with “Tiare” a videofilm journey to his childhood. The video won awards at festivals around the world and launched a new chapter in Andrea’s artistic adventure. After making many videos and soundtracks, Andrea decided to blend his artistic experiences into a new medium: the multimedia solo concert. Using a percussion keyboard and acoustic percussion, Andrea integrates the images he shoots into his compositions, creating an endless mix of possibilities. Improvising remains an important part of this new expressive process, creating a different setting each time for the images projected on the back wall or Andrea’s vast array of instruments.

Regarded as “one of the most influential percussionists and drummers of the last 30 years” (Michael Bettine-Modern Drummer 2004), composer, percussionist and multimedia artist Andrea Centazzo has performed in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. as a solo artist, conductor of his own compositions & operas and collaborator of some of the greatest jazz players and video artists of the past thirty-five years. Notable duets include Steve Lacy, Don Cherry, John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Elliott Sharp and many, many others. For the past ten years, Andrea has concentrated on his multimedia shows, blending award winning videos with percussion and samples created for Kat Mallet Percussion. Last November he conducted the John Cage Concerto for Piano and Orchestra featuring Stephen Drury in New York and in February 2010 he performed a sold-out Reunion Duo Concert with John Zorn at the Stone.