Shaking with Shelley

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

“Ole’ Timey Avant-Garde” ensemble The Shaking Ray Levis team up with hyper-inventive vocalist Shelley Hirsch for an explosive evening of improvisation. The Shaking Ray Levis were conceived by Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner in 1986, and have since been the first American group be be released on Derek Bailey’s Incus Records. Using synthesizers (analog & digital), MoogerFoogers, samplers, vocals and percussion they achieve an incredibly unique blend of experimental sound with an Ole’ Timey feel.

THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS (founded in 1986) is an ongoing collaboration of musicians with a common interest in improvisation. The project was conceived by DENNIS PALMER and BOB STAGNER. They use synthesizers (analog & digital), MoogerFoogers, samplers, vocals and percussion to achieve their Ole’ Timey Avant-Garde sound.

They are the first American group to have recorded for INCUS RECORDS, the record label of British guitarist DEREK BAILEY. Additionally, they have performed and recorded with REVEREND HOWARD FINSTER, MIN TANAKA, DAVID GREENBERGER, FRED FRITH, AMY DENIO, JOHN ZORN, BORBETOMAGUS, TOM CORA, STEVE BERESFORD, J.D. PARRAN, FRANK PAHL, LADONNA SMITH, DAVEY WILLIAMS, GINO ROBAIR, ROGER TURNER, EUGENE CHADBOURNE, TONY OXLEY and DEREK BAILEY, as well as with many other critically acclaimed artists.