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Interview: Morton Subotnick


Composer and electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick discusses the latest project, From Silver Apples of the Moon to a Sky of Cloudless Sulphur IV: LUCY, a collaboration with visual artist Lillevan, and talks about his influences, and the prescient early insights that propelled his extraordinary career and art.

Interview: Maura Donohue, Ross Feller, Koosil-Ja, Kora Radella & Jim Staley


Maura Donohue, Koosil-Ja, and Kora Radella, along with composer/musician Ross Feller, gathered to discuss the dynamic intellectual, social & artistic landscape of their current practices in experimental dance, and to reveal, through reflection, the provident lessons from the past. What resulted was a passionate and insightful roundtable discussion from which emerged the meaning of dance as a vital artistic practice that exists in an active engagement with the world.

Interview: Mario Diaz de Leon


The music of Mario Diaz de Leon covers a range of ideas, imagery, and emotions that not only cross genres but also the transition from youth to adult and back through reflection. A composer who writes elaborate and stunning works for classical ensembles in a number of configurations and instrumentation, Diaz de Leon retains the passion, ideals, and conviction of his youth through the metal and punk genres that first inspired and defined him. In this interview, Diaz de Leon discusses his influences, which range from Sepultura, Slint, Ligeti, and Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and offers an insight into the thoughts and motivations behind his music, from works for the classical stage to the throbbing intensity of underground clubs

Interview: Jaap Blonk


A self-taught composer, performer and poet, Jaap Blonk has collaborated with the finest musicians and ensembles in the field of contemporary improvised music, such as Maja Ratkje, Mats Gustafsson, Joan La Barbara, The Ex, and the Ebony Band. In this incisive interview, Blonk previews the two works that he will be performing at Roulette, and discusses his formative years as a young musician, the Dutch arts scene, and recounts his infamous, raucous & funny stint as the opening act for the UK punk band, the Stranglers. Also: Blonk’s detailed introductory liner notes Kurt Schwitter’s Ursonate.

FEATURE: The Ängsudden Song Cycle, Part Two: The Players


In Part Two of our Feature on The Ängsudden Song Cycle, composer and clarinetist Mike McGinnis shares his thoughts and reminiscences on the excellent players who came together to help make his imagination come true as a real thing in the world – music – with a animated gif of artwork by the artist MuKha.

Interview: Mary Halvorson & Brandon Seabrook


In a crowded field of guitarists here, there, and everywhere, Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook stand out for the unique ways that they each explore and re-engage with the possibilities of the “new” through the guitar as an instrument of performance and as the nexus of cutting-edge compositions. The two Boston natives and current Brooklyn-ites discuss their upcoming performance, influences, and give a shout out to the – er – Boston Celtics.

FEATURE: The Ängsudden Song Cycle, Part One: Interview with Mike McGinnis


In this interview, part one of a two part feature on the composer and the Song Cycle, Mike McGinnis talks about the interpretive processes behind his magnum opus, previews the upcoming multi-media spectacle, and his vision of the deep forest as an ongoing cycle of reflection, improvisation, and creation.

Interview: Oliver Lake


Oliver Lake discusses the collection of string-based compositions that he will be presenting at Roulette on Tuesday, October 1, and reflects on an extraordinary career.

Interview: Sally Silvers


Sally Silvers, the curator of “Surprise Every Time,” a mini dance festival scheduled for Sept. 28 & 29 at Roulette, discusses the genesis of the idea of “live choreography,” the challenges of curating a dance series, and her active interest in physical movement and performances of all types, as well as the admission to being a big fan of roller derby.

Interview: Ear Heart Music’s Amelia Lukas


Founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Ear Heart Music, Amelia Lukas reflects on the growth of her rapidly-ascending new music & mixed media performance series, its core mission and the outstanding performances scheduled for 2013, and shares some of her favorite cafés and bars destinations around Roulette’s Downtown/Boerum Hill neighborhood.

Interview: Bill Horvitz’s Long Walk


On June 30th, guitarist and composer Bill Horvitz will return to Roulette for a dual celebration: in a celebration of the release of his new CD, The Long Walk, and the celebration of the life of his brother Phillip, whose loving memory serves as the heart and inspiration of the new album.

Interview: Video Artist Sheri Wills on "King Lavra" by Jan Jirásek


Video artist Sheri Wills discusses the unique collaboration behind the production of Jan Jirásek’s micro-opera “King Lavra,” and reflects on the musical sensibilities that inform her live video performances. “King Lavra,” which is based on an old Czech fairy tale about a King who hides a terrible secret beneath his long mane of hair, will be presented at Roulette on Thursday, May 23 at 8:00 PM.

Interview: Cantata Profana


Jacob Ashworth of Cantata Profana discusses the performance of Davies’ “Eight Songs,” influences & the affinity for for a certain delectable cookie.

Interview: Doron Sadja on "SENSATIONS" & the Artist as a Tinkerer Extraordinaire


In this interview, Sadja discusses the ideas behind SENSATIONS, offering a glimpse into the thought process behind his multi-disciplinary approach, and talks a bit about his influences, of his unabashed love of top 40 pop music, and about the triple entendre behind the word “sensations.”