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Interview: Ear Heart Music’s Amelia Lukas


Founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Ear Heart Music, Amelia Lukas reflects on the growth of her rapidly-ascending new music & mixed media performance series, its core mission and the outstanding performances scheduled for 2013, and shares some of her favorite cafés and bars destinations around Roulette’s Downtown/Boerum Hill neighborhood.

Interview: Bill Horvitz’s Long Walk


On June 30th, guitarist and composer Bill Horvitz will return to Roulette for a dual celebration: in a celebration of the release of his new CD, The Long Walk, and the celebration of the life of his brother Phillip, whose loving memory serves as the heart and inspiration of the new album.

Interview: Video Artist Sheri Wills on "King Lavra" by Jan Jirásek


Video artist Sheri Wills discusses the unique collaboration behind the production of Jan Jirásek’s micro-opera “King Lavra,” and reflects on the musical sensibilities that inform her live video performances. “King Lavra,” which is based on an old Czech fairy tale about a King who hides a terrible secret beneath his long mane of hair, will be presented at Roulette on Thursday, May 23 at 8:00 PM.

Interview: Cantata Profana


Jacob Ashworth of Cantata Profana discusses the performance of Davies’ “Eight Songs,” influences & the affinity for for a certain delectable cookie.

Interview: Doron Sadja on "SENSATIONS" & the Artist as a Tinkerer Extraordinaire


In this interview, Sadja discusses the ideas behind SENSATIONS, offering a glimpse into the thought process behind his multi-disciplinary approach, and talks a bit about his influences, of his unabashed love of top 40 pop music, and about the triple entendre behind the word “sensations.”

[April 25-27] Toni Dove's Lucid Possession


LUCID POSSESSION is a live mix cinema performance featuring musicians, a video DJ, and stage-controlled robotic screens – premiering April 25/26/27 at Roulette.

Interview with Ginny Benson


On April 9th at Roulette, video artist Ginny Benson will team up with composer G. Lucas Crane, performance artist Alaina Stamatis, and dancers Elle Erdman and Sam Shea for the world premiere of “Brave New World: Life After Death in the Post-Apocalypse Part I”, the first part in a multimedia collage series by Benson.

Interview with Michele Rosewoman


On April 5th at Roulette, Michele Rosewoman and New Yor-Uba take the listener on a journey spanning ancient Yoruba culture from Nigeria through Cuba as they pay homage to its contemporary manifestations.

Interview with Kevin James


ETHEL, Speak Percussion and The [kāj] Ensemble perform 3 premieres in an intimate musical conversation with the last speakers of 3 nearly extinct languages….

Interview with Gelsey Bell


Singer, songwriter, and scholar, Gelsey Bell premieres a full-length piece called Our Defensive Measurements, commissioned by Roulette and the Jerome Foundation.



Join Roulette for a dinner, performance, and champagne reception with composer, singer, and “Magician of the Voice” Meredith Monk in this special benefit for Roulette. Also tonight, we’ll be honoring ASCAP Vice President and Director of Concert Music Frances Richard.