Mid Year Appeal 2015_for web

In order to seamlessly produce all 120+ shows that Roulette presents each year, there is a multitude of behind-the-scenes activity accomplished by our staff, engineers and artists. Each step—from powering microphones to tuning the piano—is assisted by loyal patrons like you.

As we approach the end of our season, Roulette asks you to think beyond the cost of admission and make an extra donation—ten dollars, twenty-five dollars, one hundred dollars—whatever you can afford, as an emphatic expression of what Roulette means to you.

What does your dollar do at Roulette?

Powers the microphones for 10 minutes

Prints 50 of 8,000 Season Programs

Records a New + Adventurous Concert & uploads to the online archive

Tunes our Steinway Concert D Grand Piano twice

Provides the Artists’ Fee

Allows Roulette the ability to staff, power and produce a single evening of Experimental Art

Thank you for making your dollar count!


Or mail your contribution to:

Roulette Intermedium, Inc.
228 W. Broadway, Fl. 2
New York, NY 10013-2456

Roulette Intermedium is a non-profit organization.
Your charitable donation to Roulette is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.