Artist: Ikue Mori

Past Performances

Davey Williams

Davey Williams
Thursday, November 17, 1994 @ 9:00 pm
Composer/improviser/guitarist with a surrealist bent will perform solo guitar/assaulted by anything from Wonderbread to implements of an erotic […]

Ikue Mori & Tenko “Death Praxis”

Saturday, April 16, 1994 @ 9:00 pm
“Death Praxis” by the stereoscopulating electronic drummer and quietly terrifying avant-garde singer from Japan.      

Ikue Mori and Leah Singer

Ikue Mori and Leah Singer
Sunday, April 28, 1991 @ 9:00 am

Chris Cochrane, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Jim Staley

Friday, November 30, 1990 @ 8:30 pm
“Improvisations for electric guitar. drums and drum machine, electric and acoustic harps, trombone and didgeridu by four killers.”

Tohban Djan

Sunday, November 12, 1989 @ 7:00 pm
Luli Shioi, vocals and bass; Ikue Mori, drums and percussion; Davey Williams, guitar; Hahn Rowe, violin; Zeena Parkins, accordion. The group […]

Jim Staley w/Bill Frisell & Ikue Mori

Saturday, April 16, 1988 @ 9:00 pm
The trombonist (and didjeridu-er) with Bill Frisell on electric guitar and Ikue Mori on drum machine and drums in a mumbo jumbovian* trio. Solo, […]

Ikue Mori/Doug Henderson

Ikue Mori/Doug Henderson
Wednesday, March 23, 1988 @ 9:00 pm
Solos for drumming and drum machine played by Ikue Mori, and the duo “Spline Drive Rotary Hammer”, Doug Henderson on […]

Marclay & Mori / Martin Schütz & Sunnymoon

Friday, November 6, 1987 @ 9:00 pm
The 5-string electric cellist Martin Schütz and the Swiss group Sunnymoon, with Werner Ludi, Hans Koch, Stephan Wittwer, Gunther Muller, and […]

Bill Frisell, Ikue Mori, Jim Staley

Sunday, December 7, 1986 @ 9:00 pm
The celebrated guitarist (Norah Jones, Paul Simon) in formative pieces for solo electric, acoustic guitars, and banjo then joined by […]

Festival of Improvisation: Women in Improv

Saturday, October 25, 1986 @ 9:00 pm
A festival of improvisational music organized by Judy Dunaway and Cinnie Cole with Polly Bradfield, Marion Brandis, Jill Burton, Lesli Dalaba, […]