Roulette’s Concert Series for New + Adventurous Music, launched in 1978, presents a wide range of experimental music including avant-jazz, new music, opera, world music, and electronic. This eclectic series features the work of well-known innovators in contemporary music, but a large percentage of the Series is devoted to emerging artists and composers.

Jim McNeely

Sunday, November 16, 1980. 8:00 pm
Solo piano performance. Jim McNeely  is a Grammy award-winning jazz pianist, composer, and arranger. McNeely was born in Chicago, and moved to […]

Relâche: Earshots

Saturday, November 15, 1980. 8:00 pm
Relâche Ensemble at Roulette Founded in Philadelphia in 1979, Relâche [ruh-lash] fuses the familiar sounds of popular music with the freshness […]

Stuart Saunders Smith

Saturday, November 8, 1980. 8:00 pm
In nearly fifty years of composing music, Stuart Saunders Smith has amassed a body of well over 150 works that have consistently defied the […]

The Chairs

Friday, November 7, 1980. 8:00 pm

Michael Kowalski

Saturday, November 1, 1980. 8:00 pm
“Fake Book”: pieces for solo piano. Composer and pianist Michael Kowalski was a pioneer in the field of computer music in the 1970s. […]

Jon Deak

Saturday, October 25, 1980. 8:00 pm
A prominent instrumentalist, Jon Deak was for many years the Associate Principal Bassist of the New York Philharmonic. As a composer, he has […]

Soundings on Solo Violin

Saturday, October 11, 1980. 8:00 pm
Malcolm Goldstein solo violin Malcolm Goldstein (born March 27, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York) is […]

Roulette Evolutions

Monday, June 2, 1980. 8:00 pm

Recently Composed Music

Sunday, May 11, 1980. 8:00 pm
The Ontario Center for Perfoming Arts (OCPA) and Roulette, Inc. will present a concert of recently composed music at the Market House Music […]

Roulette at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Saturday, April 12, 1980. 8:00 pm