Sunday, April 15, 1984. 8:30 pm
“Compositions and improvisations from Diana David, Paul Gaudynski, and Thomas Gaudynski for voice, piano, strings, percussion, and […]

Meltable Snaps It

Saturday, April 14, 1984. 8:30 pm
“Composition in action — with Michael Lytle, George Cartwright, David Moss and guests. “

Simone Forti

Friday, April 13, 1984. 8:30 pm
An evening of sketches in movement and sound that reach backwards and forwards in time.

Scott Iverson-Mycklebust

Scott Iverson-Mycklebust
Thursday, April 12, 1984. 8:30 pm
METALLIC DOG is a percussive work from this Minnesota-based composer, with choreographers J. Bourdage and Jeff Sandeen. To see full program, […]

Mary Fulkerson

Mary Fulkerson
Wednesday, April 11, 1984. 8:30 pm
“REAL LIFE ADVENTURES, music, slides, and dance from an American artist now living in England. ”

Staley & Deane

Sunday, April 1, 1984. 8:00 pm
Improv: J. Staley & JA Deane- trombones. with Sally Silvers- Dance


Friday, March 30, 1984. 8:30 pm
“From the Center for Music Experiment in San Diego, Jean-Charles francois– percussion, Hi-ah Park– dance, and John Silber […]

Wayne Horvitz

Saturday, March 17, 1984. 8:30 pm
“New work for strings, organ, and piano with William Parker, Jim Katzin, Jason Hwang, Joe Gallant, and Tom Cora, and guest soloist Butch […]

Debra Lowen

Debra Lowen
Friday, March 16, 1984. 8:30 pm
“ONE AT A TIME, a collage of solo dance works from 1973-83 with saxophonist Mike keefe, trombonist Jim Staley, and video artist Jan […]

Malcolm Goldstein

Sunday, March 11, 1984. 8:30 pm
“el inio rojo,” new pieces for violin, voice, and objects. “