James Staley

Sunday, December 20, 1981. 8:30 pm
Improvisations on David Weinstein’s Illuminated Man

John Fonville

Saturday, December 19, 1981. 8:30 pm
“Here Lies I, Antonin Artaud and other works” John Fonville is a flutist and composer. Fonville specializes in extended techniques […]

Barbara Maloney

Friday, December 18, 1981. 8:30 pm
Extenuating circumdances

Barbara Maloney

Thursday, December 17, 1981. 8:30 pm
Extenuating circumdances

Judith Martin/Sonora Ensemble

Wednesday, December 16, 1981. 8:30 pm
Music for synthesizers and instruments

Lee Hyla

Tuesday, December 15, 1981. 8:30 pm
“Recent music for piano, percussion, and strings”

Larry Polansky

Monday, December 14, 1981. 8:30 pm
Composer presents his American songs

George Lewis

Sunday, December 13, 1981. 8:30 pm
Works for solo trombone and microcomputer

George Cartwright

Saturday, December 12, 1981. 8:30 pm
Improvisations with Laswell/Frith/Noyes

Jon Deak

Friday, December 11, 1981. 8:30 pm
Daphne Finds True Love and other works. A prominent instrumentalist, Jon Deak was for many years the Associate Principal Bassist of the New York […]