James Staley

Saturday, May 29, 1982. 9:00 pm
Explorations in sound, intuitive form, and time through the medium of the trombone.

David Weinstein

Friday, May 28, 1982. 9:00 pm
More interdisciplinary constructs from this composer/artist including a revival of Frances Edna Lutz with complete decor, and a new microtonal […]

Virginia Gaburo

Thursday, May 27, 1982. 9:00 pm
The pianist presents The Music Inside from her extensive repertoire of new works for the instrument. The program includes such names as Boretz, […]

Candace Langholff

Candace Langholff
Wednesday, May 26, 1982. 9:00 pm
A new solo improvisation against a back-drop of body sculpture.

William H. Barnes

William H. Barnes
Tuesday, May 25, 1982. 9:00 pm
From Chicago, the creator of Loop Koan Bop and The Cool Dreams subversive lounge music, presents the latest in his series of Angry Ensemble […]

Andrew Newell/Larry Polansky/Gary Schmidt

Monday, May 24, 1982. 9:00 pm
A program by these an other young American composers performed by the New Kanon New Music Ensemble, and including microtonal, electronic, and […]

Peter Zummo/Stephanie Woodard

Sunday, May 23, 1982. 9:00 pm
The Ethno-Punk Computer Band, directed by Zummo. A confluence of musical traditions and innovations using melody as the common ground. […]

John Fonville

Saturday, May 22, 1982. 9:00 pm
From the flutist/composer, Myth Meet for One, Two and Three Musicians and Choosing An Appropriate Epitaph for flute, trombone, piano, […]

Joseph Pinzarrone

Joseph Pinzarrone
Friday, May 21, 1982. 9:00 pm
From Illinois, a new work for solo piano with the composer performing. Player Piano Rolls: New Pieces and Tasks consists of imagery derived […]

Barbara Maloney

Thursday, May 20, 1982. 9:00 pm
The riddle is still unanswered…but if I can balance it on the tip of my tongue while pulling my own weight this may become a dance.