David Shea

Saturday, October 31, 1992. 9:00 pm
“Prisoner” a pseudo-filmtrack which prowls the psycho-territory of the legendary 60’s BBC-TV series. Anthony Coleman and David […]

Anthony Coleman

Saturday, October 26, 1991. 8:00 pm
The pianist/composer in a set of originals, improvisations, standards, and a touch of Klezmer, solo and with guests Roy Nathanson, reeds and […]

Anthony Coleman: By Night

Friday, March 30, 1990. 8:30 pm
Salient semaphores and plangent pith in solos for piano, organ, sampling. Plus duos, trios, and quartets with his band By Night: Jim Pugliese, […]

William Duckworth

Saturday, March 24, 1990. 8:30 pm
Slow Dancing in Yugoslavia Guy Klucevsek, accordion Simple Songs About Sex and War words by Hayden Carruth Barbara Noska, soprano John Dulik, […]

The Improvisor: Magazine Benefit

Saturday, July 1, 1989. 8:00 pm
A benefit concert for the improvisor, the international journal of free improvisation, founded in 1980. From a photocopied newsletter, to […]

See Hear 2/St. Marks

Saturday, October 29, 1988. 8:00 pm
Cinnie Cole, Anthony Coleman, K. O’Looney

Ed Osborn / James Pugliese

Sunday, April 10, 1988. 9:00 pm
Osborn’s high and low-tech electronics using computer, french horn, and naked guitar, plus plugged-in drummer Pugliese’s grooves in […]

Guy Klucevsek

Saturday, March 19, 1988. 9:00 pm
“Ain’t Nothin’ But A Post-Modern Dance Band”, the composer/accordionist leads Anthony Coleman, David Seidel, and Bobby […]

Nicolas Collins

Thursday, December 3, 1987. 9:00 pm
Playing “100 of the world’s most beautiful melodies” with his spurious trombone, Guy Klucevsek, Anthony Coleman, George Lewis, […]

Anthony Coleman

Monday, November 17, 1986. 9:00 pm
“Procenski Uspeh” by the keyboardist, composer, and master of disconnection with Guy Klucevsek on accordian, David Krakauer on […]