Ushio Torikai

Thursday, October 13, 1988. 8:00 pm
Ushio Torikai is known for her highly individual musical voice, developed over many years of research and compositional experience in diverse […]

Gerry Hemingway

Sunday, April 17, 1988. 9:00 pm
“Various Quartet Subdivisions” for the percussionist (drums, marimba, vibraphone, small objects) with Anne LeBaron on harp and […]

Nicolas Collins

Thursday, December 3, 1987. 9:00 pm
Playing “100 of the world’s most beautiful melodies” with his spurious trombone, Guy Klucevsek, Anthony Coleman, George Lewis, […]

George Lewis

Saturday, November 7, 1987. 9:00 pm
Colombia U professor and MacArthur genius award winner in his early techno-processed sound and computer-assisted interventions; a composer with […]

George Lewis

Sunday, December 13, 1981. 8:30 pm
Works for solo trombone and microcomputer