Neil Rolnick

Saturday, November 1, 2008. 8:30 pm
Neil Rolnick is joined by pianist Kathleen Supove and violinist Jennifer Choi. The program will include Fiddle Faddle for violin & computer, […]

Neil B. Rolnick

Thursday, May 13, 1999. 9:00 pm
A sound installation combining multiple speakers, found sounds, original samples, atypical speaker enclosures and felt. This new works was […]

Neil B. Rolnick

Friday, November 1, 1996. 8:30 pm
Neil B. Rolnick plays new solo and duet works for electronic performance, samples and audio from around the world and fresh off the airwaves. […]

Neil B. Rolnick

Saturday, March 4, 1989. 9:00 pm
The composer with singers Kathleen Myers and Gladys Bragg. Electronics and computers with processed, borrowed, and original voices. AirDrums, […]

Neil Rolnick & Robert Dick

Sunday, April 29, 1984. 8:30 pm
New works with Marilyn Crispell for glass harmonica, voice, african drum, piano, and synclavier– made with the help of C.A.P.S. grants. To […]