Aaron Siegel & Chris Peck

Monday, December 11, 2006. 8:30 pm

Composers Aaron Siegel and Chris Peck share an interest in methodical, process-based compositions that unfold over an extended period of time. Both artists work with unconventional acoustic sound sources, including plastic recorders, undisciplined singing, resonant metals and ceramic bowls. The two new works presented this evening are the result of their collaborative effort to deal with a large ensemble of performers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, including untrained musicians and self-described “non-artists.”

Aaron Siegel is a Brooklyn-based composer and percussionist. His most recent concert of new works was a collaboration with composer Sabrina Schroeder at the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City in May 2006. He is currently at work on a new composition for the chamber ensemble Till by Turning that will be presented in a series of concerts in March 2007. A forthcoming recording of recent works entitled Every Morning, A History will be released in February 2006 on Peacock Recordings. Check out: http://www.aaronsiegel.net

Chris Peck is a Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based composer primarily concerned with listening, field recording, live performance and improvisation with the computer, collaboration with visual and dance artists and organizing large ensembles. He makes music with Manpack Variant (with Jaime Fennelly) and x2764 the band and directs the Brooklyn Adult Recorder Choir, a thirty-member acoustic noise ensemble, with choreographer Beth Gill. His collaborative work includes commissioned scores for choreographers John Jasperse, David Dorfman and Ming Yang/Dance Forum Taipei, installations with Fritz Welch and The Intensity Police Are Working My Last Gay Nerve with video artist Charles Atlas. Check out: http://www.intermittentmusic.com