Iranian Female Composers Association in collaboration with Hypercube Ensemble: Another Birth

Wednesday, April 3, 2019. 8:00 pm

IFCA and Hypercube join forces to present the music of Iranian female composers. The program includes three commissions for Hypercube along with works by IFCA founding members. Inspired by the poetry of the well known Iranian female poet, Forough Farrokhzad (1934–1967), Another Birth is the second full concert curated by IFCA.

Erin Rogers: saxophone
Jay Sorce: classical and electric guitar
Andrea Lodge: piano and keyboards
Chris Graham: percussion

The Iranian Female Composers Association (IFCA) was established in 2017 by three female identifying Iranian composers: Anahita Abbasi, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, and Aida Shirazi. When Niloufar Nourbakhsh (founding member) decided to fully dedicate herself to a lifetime of composition, there were few mentors that she could look up to in Iran. In recent years the the circumstances have improved significantly, but it is still a challenging pathway, especially for female musicians. Niloufar eventually met Anahita Abbasi, and Aida Shirazi through social media. The three composers began to converse and collaborate, and ultimately decided to form IFCA, a platform to support, promote, and celebrate Iranian women in music through concerts, public performances, installations, interdisciplinary collaborations, and workshops. IFCA is designed to enrich our community and create a welcoming space for Iranian female composers around the globe and present a cultural dialogue that is necessary more than ever.

A quartet of saxophone, guitar, piano, and percussion, HYPERCUBE embraces the boundaries of chamber music, at home in both electric and acoustic worlds. This group of gritty NYC musicians formed with the goal of performing high quality, cutting-edge works for modern instrumentation. HYPERCUBE is Erin Rogers (saxophones), Jay Sorce (classical & electric guitar), Andrea Lodge (piano), and Chris Graham (percussion).

…the members… played with a sense of ensemble that is not to be rivaled. The performance was fearless and flawless, with some of the most exciting playing I have ever heard. —Sequenza 21

HYPERCUBE has been featured at Music on the Edge (Pittsburgh), The Versipel New Music Festival (New Orleans), The Frequency Series (Constellation, Chicago), the UK International Guitar Series (University of Kentucky), and the Connoisseur/New Voices Festival (Wichita State University), Equilibrium Concert Series (Boston), and le poisson rouge (LPR Presents), presenting performances, masterclasses and residencies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM), Bowling Green State University (Music at the Forefront), Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State, University of Oklahoma, Acadia University (Nova Scotia), Kent State University (Vanguard Artist Series), Oberlin Conservatory, Southern Illinois Guitar Festival, and Arkansas State. Built upon two celebrated works of modern instrumentation: Louis Andriessen’s landmark work Hout and Philippe Hurel’s spectral masterpiece, Localized Corrosion, HYPERCUBE has commissioned new works by Daniel Tacke, Eric Wubbels, Dennis Sullivan, Philip Schuessler, Kari Besharse, Anthony Gatto, Nomi Epstein, Christopher Adler and Nicholas Deyoe, working with composers Sam Pluta, Chris Cerrone, Mikel Kuehn, Chaya Czernowin and Juan Trigos to adapt modern works for the quartet, while forming modular subsets for works by Alex Mincek, Eric Wubbels, Erin Rogers, Charles Wuorinen, and George Crumb.

Photo: Nosrat Tarighi