Briggan Krauss’ H-alpha Plus Special Guests Brandon Seabrook and Kato Hideki

Monday, April 20, 2015. 8:00 pm

Saxophonist Briggan Krauss doesn’t just command attention with his signature sound. By connecting the extreme edges of saxophone technique with the unexplored tonal possibilities of the instrument, his work is as much about shape as it is about sound. With electronic music improviser Ikue Mori (laptop) and drummer/percussionist Jim Black, Krauss’s H-Alpha is its own unique atmosphere of collective improvisation where spectral lines of sound are emitted and absorbed in the moment.

The performance at Roulette marks 8 years of H-Alpha. Be there when H-Alpha breaks through, filling the room with a vibrant and rich texture of stunning beauty.

Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone)
Ikue Mori (laptop)
Jim Black (drums and percussion)

Brandon Seabrok (e. Guitar)

Kato Hideki (Bass)