Bunita Marcus’ 60th Birthday Celebration with CD/DVD Release

Sunday, October 28, 2012. 3:00 pm

Bunita Marcus’ 60th Birthday Celebration with CD/DVD Release

Sunday, October 28, 2012. 3:00 pm

Roulette is thrilled to host a 60th birthday celebration for highly acclaimed composer and musician Bunita Marcus. This event will also be the US premiere release of the recording cooperative Testklang’s debut CD/DVD/Art object, all based on the music of Bunita Marcus.  On this program, Testklang’s pianist Marc Tritschler will perform works from the CD/DVD as well as the ever-popular “Julia,” based on John Lennon’s song of the same name.  The film-noir: “Sleeping Women” by filmmaker Aron Kitzig will also be presented.  Bunita Marcus herself will perform her composition “Untrammeled Thought” with cellist Christina Stripling.  The concert will end with the unforgettable “…But to Fashion a Lullaby for You” a 24-minute work for piano, written by Bunita Marcus in memory of Morton Feldman and at his request.  This work represents a totally new form of communication between the composer and the audience, where the deep feelings of the piece come through the music as a mysterious subtext, rather than represented in the music itself.

Full Program:
Introductory Discussion with Bunita Marcus and pianist Marc Tritschler

“Sugar Cubes” In memory of John Cage
Marc Tritschler, piano (1996) 3+ minutes
“Merry Christmas Mrs. Whiting”
Marc Tritschler, piano (1981) 3 minutes
“Untrammeled Thought”
Bunita Marcus, piano and Christina Stripling, cello (1980) 8 minutes
“Sleeping Women” Film by Aron Kitzig, music by Bunita Marcus, recorded by Ensemble Adapter (1984) 10 minutes


“Julia” An original piano composition based on the John Lennon work of the same name
Marc Tritschler, piano (1989) 8 minutes
“…But to Fashion a Lullaby for You” In memory of Morton Feldman
Marc Tritschler, piano (1988) 24 minutes


Following the concert will be a reception with birthday cake and refreshments.


Visit http://www.testklang.net/sugar_cubes_en.html to listen to more samples