Daddy Longlegs Screening & Conversation

Thursday, September 3, 2015. 7:00 pm

Join us for a screening of the Safdie Brothers’ 2009 film Daddy Longlegs. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the directors and a reception.

7pm – Door
7:30pm – Film Screening
9pm – Directors Josh & Benny Safdie in conversation with Nicholas Elliot
9:30m – Reception (free drink for BOMB subscribers)


After months of being alone, sad, busy, sidetracked, free, lofty, late and away from his kids, Lenny (Ronald Bronstein), 34 with graying frazzled hair, picks his kids up from school. Every year he spends of couple of weeks with his sons Sage (Sage Ranaldo), 9, and Frey (Frey Ranaldo), 7. Lenny juggles his kids and everything else all within a midtown studio apartment in New York City. He ultimately faces the choice of being their father or their friend with the idea that these two weeks must last 6 months. In these two weeks, a trip upstate, visitors from strange lands, a mother, a girlfriend, “magic” blankets, and complete lawlessness seem to take over their lives. The film is a swan song to excuses and irresponsibility, to fatherhood and self-created experiences, and to what it’s like to be truly torn between being a child and being an adult.

Raised in both Queens and Manhattan, Josh and Benny Safdie began making movies at a young age, inspired by their film-enthusiast father. They attended Boston University, where they co-founded the creative collective Red Bucket Films with Alex Kalman. Their films include The Pleasure of Being Robbed (2007), Daddy Longlegs (2009), Lenny Cooke (2013), and Heaven Knows What (2014).

Nicholas Elliott is the New York correspondent for Cahiers du Cinéma and contributing editor for film at BOMB.