[SUSPENDED] Davey Williams Memorial Concert

Sunday, April 26, 2020. 8:00 pm

Out of concern for the safety and health of our audiences, artists, staff, and community, Roulette has suspended live programming. Read more: roulette.org/covid-19

New York collaborators and cohorts from the South come together to honor one of our great heroes of experimental guitar, Davey Williams (1952–2019). Sparked and influenced by his philosophy, humor, and surrealist-inspired free improvisation, this unique evening features 23 performers. Included is Davey’s long-time duo partner LaDonna Smith, with whom he gained international notoriety and co-founded The Improvisor music journal in 1980. A short documentary video will be shown by Lee Shook. Please join us for this free event to celebrate Davey’s life and music. His books Solo Gig and the memoir Charmed I’m Sure will be available.

“one of the great sonic philosophers and cosmic pranksters of the 20th and 21st centuries…connecting everything from extended guitar techniques and the Southern blues tradition to his wildly funny and insightful writings on spontaneous composition and the influence of surrealism, and the secret life of fried eggs vis-a-vis his cartoon drawings, among so much more. Infused with a wry humour that gave even his most serious musical pursuits a nod to the absurd, his work was approachable and relatable in an artistic world too often devoid of either point of entry. Williams inspired me to look further and think harder about the intersectionality of art and sound. ”

Lee Shook, Wire

Andrew Drury – Drums/Percussion
Ann Rupel – Electric Bass
Annie Gosfield – Electronics
Camille Dietrich – Cello
Chris Cochrane – Guitar
Don Dietrich – Saxophone
Elliot Sharp – Electric Guitar
Evan Lipson – Double Bass
Jack Wright – Saxophone
Jill Burton – Vocals
Jim Staley – Trombone
Judy Dunaway – Electronics
LaDonna Smith – Violin
Lee Shook – Video
Leland Davis – Drums/Percussion
Michael Evans – Drums/Percussion
Misha Feigin – Electric Guitar
Roger Kleier – Guitar
Shelley Hirsch – Vocals
Susan Hefner – Performance Art

Ut Gret:
Steve Good – Saxophone,
Joee Conroy – Bass/Violin,
Jackie Royce – Bassoon