Thursday, October 7, 2010. 8:30 pm


Justin Frye at Roulette 2010


Brenda Hutchinson at Roulette 2010


Aki Onda at Roulette 2010


John Zorn at Roulette 2010


Shahzad Ismaily at Roulette 2010


Andrew Lampart at Roulette 2010


Pauline Oliveros at Roulette 2010


Thursday, October 7, 2010. 8:30 pm

EASY NOT EASY is a three night festival curated by Shinkoyo founders Matt Mehlan & Doron Sadja to help raise money for Roulette as they prepare to move into their new Art Deco concert hall in Downtown Brooklyn.

Using the idea of “Simple Scores” as a starting point, they’ve asked a wide array of some of NYC’s most exciting young artists to compose and perform a series of “simple” new scores as well as some scores by more established artists – including John Zorn, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Ashley (world premiere), Dan Deacon, Brenda Hutchinson, members of Z’s and Extra Life, and many many more!

Expect surprises.

Compositions by (dates T.B.A):

John Zorn
Pauline Oliveros
Robert Ashley (10/8)
Dan Deacon
Cory Arcangel
Andrew Lampart
Brenda Hutchinson
Charlie Looker (10/8)
Sam Hilmer (10/9)
Justin Frye
Matana Roberts
Mario Diaz de Leon (10/8)
Zeljko McMullen
Natalie Weiss
Stephe Cooper
Darius Jones (10/9)
Shahzad Ismaily
Matt Mehlan
Doron Sadja

Performances by:

Date: October 7

Aki Onda – Tapes, Electronics
Richard Garet – Electronics
Ben Greenberg – Electric Guitar
Katherine Young – Amplified Bassoon and Electronics
Sergei Tcherepnin – Modular Synth
Maria Chavez – Turntables/Electronic
C. Spencer Yeh – violin/electronics (TBC)
Shahzad Ismaily – bass/synth/etc (TBC or 9th)
Erik Friedlander – Cello (TBC)

Date: October 8

Joshua Rubin – Clarinet
Joshua Modney – Violin
Erica Dicker -Violin
Brad Henckel – Trumpet
Natacha Diels – Flute
Jessie Marino – Cello
Sam Pluta – Electronics
Michael Gallope – Piano
Michael Evans – Percussion
Andie Springer – Violin

Date: October 9

Ches Smith – Drums
Daniel Levin – Cello
Sam Kulik – Trombone
Shahzad Ismaily – Bass/Synth/Electronics (TBC or 7th)
Michael Gallope – Piano / Farfisa
Jeremiah Cymerman – Clarinet / Electonics
Shelley Burgon – Harp & Electronics
Natalie Weiss – Voice