Ellen Fisher

Saturday, November 10, 2007. 8:30 pm

Ellen Fisher

Saturday, November 10, 2007. 8:30 pm

TIME’S UP……Scenes 1-12

Ellen Fisher performs a 3 hour dance / installation work with 12 fifteen minute music segments chosen by various artists. These artists include:

Dick Connette- musician/ composer
Rachel Loshack- musician / composer
Don Voisine / Mark Dagley – visual artists
Gary Graham- fashion designer
Meredith Monk- musician / composer
Suran Song – musician / composer
Hearn Gadbois- percussionist / composer
Theo Bleckman – musician / composer
Nick Brooke – musician / composer
Allison Sniffen – musician / composer
Ching Gonzales – musician / performer
Mimi Goese- vocalist / composer

Fisher will dance for 3 hours using simple props, costumes and visual projections, supported by individually chosen music / sound segments for this project. These combined elements will enhance and contribute to Fisher’s unique performance style. The audience is free to come and go within the 3 hour dance/ installation or perhaps stay and experience the enduring transformative powers of music and dance.

Ellen Fisher is a performance artist whose work combines gestural actions with visual components such as film, shadow play, objects and puppets. She began performing with Meredith Monk/The House in the ’70’s, in such works as “The Plateau Series” and “Recent Ruins,” and more recently has appeared in “mercy” and “impermanence.” Fisher’s performance work is informed by ethnographic research in trance dance and rituals of South Asia, particularly Sri Lanka. Since 1981, she has toured solo work throughout Europe and the U.S., also directing large ensemble work reinterpreting myths and legends. Her film work, including documentaries, has been included in festivals throughout the world. She has received funding through the NEA, Art Matters Inc., Jerome Foundation, NYFA and the Asian Cultural Council, winning a 2004 Humanities Fellowship and a 2005 Travel Grant. Fisher continues to teach and collaborate with artists on community intergenerational and intercultural projects, both domestically and internationally.