EXPANSIONS: The Dave Liebman Group

Thursday, December 18, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

EXPANSIONS will present some of the music from the new recording “Samsara” as well as a jazz classic or two. The program is quite eclectic ranging from straight ahead jazz to freer textures; lyricism to cacophany; acoustic to electric; some world rhythm influences and adaptations of jazz classics. There is an emphasis on group dialogue as well as featured solos. Lieb has been recognized for decades as an artist who moves all over the improvisatory map. The new group represents the young generation that has absorbed the roots but interpreted with a contemporary slant.

Dave Liebman‘s new group looks towards the present generation of jazz musicians who have been schooled in conservatory and university settings. Lieb is continuing the time tested tradition of master/apprentice as he experienced in the 1970’s with drummer Elvin Jones and Miles Davis, by reaching across generations to teach and learn from them. “EXPANSIONS” features the up and coming pianist Bobby Avey, reedman Matt Vashlishan, drummer Alex Ritz and a continuation of Lieb’s long relationship with bassist Tony Marino. Conceptually, the repertoire traverses elements of free jazz and re-arrangements of standards all infused with the complex time signatures and harmonies being explored by the new jazz artists of our time.