Facelessness Plays Unlikelihoods

Wednesday, January 11, 2017. 8:00 pm

Matt Mehlan – Piano, Keyboards, Electronics
Jason McMahon – Guitar
Matt Nelson – Saxophone
Jessica Pavone – Viola
Rob Lundberg – Bass
Max Jaffe – Drums
Sam Sowyrda – Mallets & Percussion

American Academy of Achievement:
Jason McMahon – Guitar / Electronics

Dave Scanlon – Guitar, Vocals
Rob Lundberg – Bass, Vocals
Max Jaffe – Drums, Vocals

Chicago-based musician, filmmaker, and arts organizer Matt Mehlan presents “Unlikelihoods,” a suite of new compositions written to be realized in iterations, from the new band FacelessnessMehlan is joined by longtime collaborators Jason McMahon and Matt Nelson, violist Jessica Pavone, Rob Lundberg and Max Jaffe (JOBS), and Sam Sowyrda (Cloud Becomes Your Hand).

American Academy of Achievement is the pseudonym of guitarist, composer, and performer Jason McMahon. Since forming in 2008,

JOBS has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting new forces within the thriving experimental music scene in Brooklyn. Comprised of drummer Max Jaffe, bassist Rob Lundberg, and guitarist Dave Scanlon, the group (formerly known as Killer Bob) has set itself apart with its charged performances -dripping with intensity and wild spontaneity.

Matt Mehlan is an artist and musician currently living in Chicago, where he is Lecturer at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Based in Brooklyn for 10 years, he is the lead singer of the Skeletons and Uumans b(r)ands, is a member of Congotronics Vs. Rockers, and runs the record label Shinkoyo.