Folly Systems

Thursday, November 14, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
Tickets: $15 Online $20 Doors
Doors 7:00pm 180 minutes
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Produced by Outpost Artists Resources and hosted by Roulette Intermedium, Folly Systems comes to Brooklyn as a two-night festival featuring the work of a wide group of artists working in the intersection of performance and media art. Using media and technologies not as an end in themselves but as non-neutral creative strategies, the works in the program utilize tools that range from VR, custom projectors, wooden artisanal instruments, communication media and DIY video interfaces among others. What is the difference between a spoon and virtual reality? Is one more technological than the other? Despite differences in materials and technical complexity, the same creative gesture is made across media over and over again as if we were endlessly rediscovering the wheel. Curated by Cecilia Lopez.


Amanda Gutiérrez
Art Jones
Shelley Hirsch
Ragnhild May
Aki Onda
Gill Arno
Forbes Graham
Jean Carla Rodea
Nao Nishihara
Ian Kornfeld
Ying Liu

Folly Systems is made possible by the support of National Endowment for the Arts, NYC Cultural Affairs, NYSCA and media The Foundation Inc.

Tickets: $15 Online $20 Doors
Doors 7:00pm 180 minutes
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