Gabrielle Herbst

Wednesday, November 17, 2010. 8:30 pm


Gabrielle Herbst at Roulette 2010

Gabrielle Herbst

Wednesday, November 17, 2010. 8:30 pm

Original music featuring composer/vocalist Gabrielle Herbst with the Kalmia String Quartet, David Bloom (conductor), John Boggs (piano), Leila Bordreuil (cello), Tamas Zetenyi (cello), Conor Brown (clarinet), Elana Gleason (voice), Kylie Collins & Patricia Spencer (flutes), Anthony Kingsley & Matthew O’ Koren (percussion), David Nagy (bassoon), Allie Avital Tsypin (design and costumes)

Combining traditional notation with graphic scores and improvisation, the music is sensory and imagistic, pursuing an intimacy between instruments and voices, audience and spatial environment. Drawing from many influences she composes for her own and other voices with orchestra, chamber ensemble and electronics.


Heartbeats: “skin and bone is part of the hearing”: string quartet, voices, heartbeats, percussion, clarinet and bassoon. Amidst the audience participants listen to their heartbeats on stethoscopes and tap their pulse on controllers.

Arctic: clarinet and voice duet with live voice processing

Arctic Part II: two flutes, violin, cello, voice

entangled//disintegration//calm: cello and voice with live voice processing

Precious maps are falling: voice, cello, violin, piano, percussion

Stormy Goggles: voice, string quartet, percussion, electric guitar, piano, clarinet

Gabrielle Herbst resides in Brooklyn. She studied composition at Bard College with Joan Tower, Zeena Parkins, Marina Rosenfeld, Bob Bielecki, Keith Fitch, Richard Teitelbaum and Kyle Gann. She studies voice with Ilka and Tom LoMonaco and Rufus Muller. She danced in Noemie Lafrance’s Rapture Part 1 as part of Dance Across Borders. As a featured vocalist she performed with Marina Rosenfeld’s Teenage Lontano in the Whitney Biennial 2008, Da Capo Chamber Players at Bard College, Beyond the Mind at the 2009 Russian American Cultural Center Gala at Ana Tzarev Gallery, The Green Death at Saint Mark’s Church, Allie Tsypin’s Low Culture Symphony at the former convent of St. Cecilia’s Parish, Brooklyn. She curated and performed at the exhibition, Postcards from Gowanus in Cabinet Magazine’s exhibition space, sponsored by Free103.9 Transmission Arts and broadcast as a radio exhibition. She will be recording for a new work by Zeena Parkins this winter.