[GENERATE] William Parker: Creation of The Tone World

Saturday, January 14, 2017. 8:00 pm

The world premiere of “Creation Of The Tone World” by William Parker and performed by the Little Huey Music Orchestra.

William Parker – Bass, Double Reeds, Donso Ngoni, Pocket Trumpet, Shakuhachi
Rob Brown – Alto Sax
Darius Jones – Alto Sax
Abraham Mennon – Alto Sax
Yoni Kretzmer – Tenor Sax
James Brandon Lewis – Tenor Sax
Dave Sewelson – Baritone Sax
Steve Swell – Trombone
Masahiko Kono – Trombone
Jaimie Branch – Trumpet
Lewis Barnes – Trumpet
Heru Shabaka-ra – Trumpet
Brandon Lopez – Bass
Andrew Barker – Drums

William Parker is a bassist, improviser, composer, writer, and educator from New York City. He has recorded over 150 albums, published six books, and taught and mentored hundreds of young musicians and artists.