Graham Haynes & Hardedge

Friday, April 4, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

The music that Graham Haynes and Hardedge create explores the inner-workings of sound and synthesis, and is intended for the listener who can appreciate its bold sense of exploration, as well as the surreal beauty of the world it evokes. Dense musical soundscapes, unrestricted freedom of movement, vibrant sonic constructions rich in textural designs, with a structural foundation that’s philosophically clear, is what Haynes & Hardedge are expressing on all three of their records, Austere Geometry (October ’05), Reality Eclipsed (March ’06), and Paralyzed by the Approach of the Inevitable (November 07).

The son of famous jazz drummer Roy Haynes, Graham was surrounded by jazz musicians his whole childhood. While his main instrument is the cornet, he is by no means making jazz music these days. He uses technology to create imaginative, subtle sonic environments. Even amidst electronic processing, his horn stands out, providing a level of expression that humanizes and elevates the synthetic sounds. Haynes intermingles compelling, hypnotic horn lines, experimental post-techno rhythms, world music grooves and ambient textures with commendable results.

Sound designer Hardedge’s live-mix delves into the more intellectual elements of dark electronic music. His experimental approach to sound, space, and structure owes a lot to the fundamental principles of the Chicago’s A.A.C.M. creative thinkers, especially Wadada Leo Smith’s revolutionary multidirectional, non-progressive approach, and the use of the silence as a musical element. Paired with Haynes’ unique sensibility, he creates psychedelic-like aural landscapes, made up of polyrhythms and random, transient frequencies. Their music becomes a surrealistic construction that defies the imagination, a stunning chemistry between two uncompromising artists rarely found in today’s art of sound.