Gustavo Matamoros

Wednesday, December 7, 2005. 8:30 pm

Gustavo Matamoros presents a mini retrospective of his work, including selections from Music On A Budget, gated pieces, sound videos, and an excerpt from Amazonas, a piece for paper weather instruments, saw and text, in collaboration with guest artist Alison Knowles.

Gustavo Matamoros’s intermedia output includes musical and sound-performance works, sound-objects, tracings and sound-portraits, sound-installations, sound-texts, sound-video, radiophonic and public artworks. Over his 20-some year career, he has made work and friendships with numerous artists and musicians. Some recent ones include Alison Knowles, Russell Frehling, Malcolm Goldstein, Jacqueline Humbert, Sam Ashley, Shahreyar Ataie, David Manson, Charles Recher, Lou Mallozzi, Helena Thevenot, Dinorah Rodriguez, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Davey and Jan Williams. Gustavo’s projects include performances for solo handsaw and other gated instruments of his own design, as well as recent performances of his saw band SEE. His activities have lead to grants and commissions from Florida’s Art in State Buildings, Miami Performing Art Center, the Florida Consortium’s 2000-Visual and Media Arts Fellowship, and two of Venezuela’s national prizes in composition. Matamoros has been the artistic director of the Subtropics experimental music festival in Miami since 1989 and director of the interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop since 1996.