Interpretations: Bun Ching Lam // Tana Quartet

Friday, November 16, 2018. 8:00 pm

Bun Ching Lam: Music for String Quartet featuring Tana Quartet
Tana Quartet: Music by Voro Garcia, Raphael Cendo, Edwin Hillier, & Yann Robin

Chinese/American composer Bun Ching Lam presents music for string quartet: L’air du Temps (1991); and Conversation with My Soul (2015-16), for baritone voice with quartet, featuring baritone Thomas Buckner, to a text by Lebanese-American poet and painter Etel Adnan (New York Premiere). The Paris-based Tana Quartet will also present numerous works from their recent repertoire, including Slapsticks by Spanish composer Voro Garcia, Substance by Berlin-based French composer Raphael Cendo, Soliloquies by British composer Edwin Hillier, and Shadows by French composer Yann Robin


Bun Ching Lam & Tana Quartet at Roulette 2018