Invisible Anatomy: Transfigure

Thursday, February 2, 2017. 8:00 pm

Ian Gottlieb – Cello
Paul Kerekes – Piano
Brendon Randall-Myers – Guitar
Daniel Schlosberg – Piano
Benjamin Wallace – Percussion
Fay Wang – Voice

Invisible Anatomy presents Transfigure, the third and final creation in a triptych of collaboratively written, evening-length musical compositions that integrate lighting, video, and choreography. Co-composed by all six members of the group and featuring lighting and stage design by Henry Chan, Daisy Long, Solomon Weisbard, and Dustin Wills, TRANSFIGURE sparks intangible, tectonic, subcutaneous changes.

Invisible Anatomy (IA) is a composer-performer ensemble that explores the human body as the most fundamental aspect of music creation and performance. Formed in 2014 by six graduates of the Yale School of Music, IA creates and develops shows from the ground up by writing and performing all new compositions. The group harnesses elements from classical, jazz, experimental rock, performance art and theater, combining an omnivorous stylistic palette, virtuosic physicality, and dramatic visual presentation. IA’s inaugural show BODY PARTS dismembers, manipulates, and reanimates bodies in performance – creating a chattering chorus of woodblock teeth, wearing pop songs as a mask, and floating screaming eyes on TV screens. Their second show, DISSECTIONS, features six interconnected pieces that probe the destruction, transformation, and intimacy inherent in peeling away our surfaces. Derived from a collaboratively generated text over numerous workshops, these works trace a line from ornate to bare, taking the scalpel to instruments, gestures, and language. After the group’s 2015 debut concerts in New York City, IA was invited to China for three shows, including a featured solo concert at the Beijing Modern Music Festival. IA’s second season opened with an intimate house concert of BODY PARTS hosted by David Lang, followed by the world premiere of DISSECTIONS at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust. The group performed DISSECTIONS at Pomona College and The Blue Whale in Los Angeles in February 2016, followed by appearances with Heartbeat Opera and at Roulette in New York City, and at the Yale School of Music in New Haven, CT. The group was the first runner-up in the 2016 SAVVY Chamber Competition, and recorded their debut studio album in June 2016.

Photo Credit: Yong Zhao and Russ Rowland

Transfigure received support from a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.