James Ilgenfritz: Trio Caveat and Anagram Quintet

Wednesday, October 13, 2010. 8:30 pm

James Ilgenfritz approaches the double bass as an archeologist, examining rarified aspects of the instrument’s sonic palette to confound the status quo. This evening presents two enembles: the improvising group Trio Caveat is an exploration of the intersection between free improvisation, spontaneous collage forms, and shifting harmonic vocabularies. Trio Caveat consists of bassist James Ilgenfritz, saxophonist Jonathan Moritz, and guitarist Chris Welcome. The group’s discreet dynamics and attention to unlikely sonorities facilitate the deepest possible listening experience. Featuring saxophonists Josh Sinton and Jonathan Moritz, guitarists Ryan Blotnick and Chris Welcome, and drummer Mike Pride, the Anagram Ensemble blends sonic experimentalism, traditional formal inquiries, rhythmic angularity, and extended improvisational forms into a multifaceted ensemble dynamic. The original compositions the group performs integrate elements of chamber music, jazz improvisation, and distinctive structural constructs for generating improvisational forms.