Jeff Tobias: Recurring Dream

Tuesday, March 1, 2022. 8:00 pm
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Jeff Tobias: Recurring Dream

Tuesday, March 1, 2022. 8:00 pm

On the occasion of the release of Recurring Dream, his first full-length album as a bandleader, multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeff Tobias brings his new Recurring Dream Band to Roulette.

Over the past twenty years, Tobias has been a constant collaborator; most recently, in bands like Sunwatchers, Modern Nature, and Thee Reps. This is in addition to his work as a sideman with artists including Brigid Dawson, David First, and Dan Friel, among others. This work has been borne out in contributions to nearly ninety physically released recordings, as well as frequent tours across North America and Europe.

It’s due in large part to these crucial experiences in learning from others over the course of nearly two decades of music-making that Tobias is now able to present Recurring Dream, his debut full length as a solo artist.

While Tobias’ previously released limited cassettes featured formal composition (Some, Soap Library, 2016) and free improvisation (Completely Phantom, Baked Tapes, 2018), Recurring Dream is a pop record with various non-pop genes spliced into its arrangements: minimalism, funk, math rock, post-punk, prog.

Jeff Tobias: voice, woodwinds
Nick Podgurski: drums
Cory Bracken: percussion
Matt Bachmann: bass guitar, synthesizer
Sam Morrison: synthesizer, piano
Mara Mayer, bass clarinet

Plus special guests.

Recurring Dream will be available on vinyl for the first time at this performance.

Photos courtesy of the artist, portrait by MV Carbon.