Julia Den Boer: The Underfolding

Tuesday, February 23, 2021. 8:00 pm

Roulette’s Winter 2021 Season will be live streamed from our stage and archived on our website. Watch the video of this performance below.


Julia Den Boer: The Underfolding

Tuesday, February 23, 2021. 8:00 pm

French-American pianist Julia Den Boer presents The Underfolding—a solo keyboard program of recent compositions by Eric Wubbels, Rebecca Saunders, Sarah Nemtsov, Linda Catlin Smith, and Samuel Yulsman.

A composer known for his unique sonic explorations, Eric Wubbels turns his probing ear toward his native instrument in his recent work Helix, exploring the threshold between improvisation and determinacy. In Rebecca Saunders’ Crimson, the composer returns to one of her constant sources of inspiration: Molly Bloom’s soliloquy in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Sarah Nemtsov’s Seven Thoughts – Her Kind, for keyboard and amplified female voice, is based on Ann Sexton’s eponymous poem exploring the alienation created by preconceived gender roles. Commissioned by Julia Den Boer, composer/improvisor/pianist Sam Yulsman crafted a specific graphic notation for Between Partial Crossings based on the physicality of keyboard playing. Linda Catlin Smith allows the listener to immerse herself in stillness and the tactility of sound in The Underfolding.

Eric Wubbels, Helix (2017) World premiere
Rebecca Saunders, Crimson (2004)
Sarah Nemtsov, Seven Thoughts – Her Kind (2018) US premiere
Samuel Yulsman, Between Partial Crossings (2018), NYC premiere
Linda Catlin Smith, The Underfolding (2015)

Julia Den Boer, piano

French-American pianist Julia Den Boer is a passionate advocate for contemporary music. Based in New York city, she performs internationally as a soloist and chamber musician and has commissioned and premiered numerous new works for piano and ensemble. She is committed to exploring and pushing her instrument’s boundaries through close collaboration with composers.

Recent solo and chamber music appearances include the Festival d’Automne in Paris, Unerhörte Musik in Berlin,the Infuse Series in Paris, the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow, the CMC in Toronto, the Banff Center, the North Carolina New Music Initiative, the SWR in Freiburg, New Music Concerts in Toronto, the MATA Festival, the International Computer Music Conference, and the Klangspuren Festival in Austria.

Julia is a recipient of the Solti Foundation award, she was awarded the Prix Maurice Ohana from the International Orleans Competition and won the ninth annual Mikhashoff Trust Fund for New Music Pianist/Composer commissioning prize with composer Zosha Di Castri.

Her recordings have been broadcasted on France Musique, CBC Radio 2 and the BBC. Her new solo album, Lineage, was released this October on Redshift Records.