Julia Heyward

Thursday, October 31, 1996. 8:30 pm

Julia Heyward performs music plus a bit of show and tell with stories and visuals from her 3D multi-media piece, Miracles in Reverse. Special Guests. Halloween!

Julia Heyward, once known by the pseudonym “Duka Delight,” is a multi-media artist whose performances and moving-image works orchestrate sound, language, and image into indelible symbolic compositions. Heyward’s earliest performance and video art from the 1970s show the artist’s expressive use of staging, cinematography, and her own charismatic presence and vocal techniques to deliver visceral monologues that have the blunt cadence and rawness of poetry.

In 2018, Heyward recalled the personnel from memory, and this is the best guess:

Dwight Loop (samples), Donnie Bill Christenson (drum samples), Collier Hyams (guitar & bass), unknown player on re-tuned violin, Michael Kott on cello, Hayward on vocals, piano, and interactive visuals which also had sound (in collaboration with Greg Smith).