[SUSPENDED] Kinzel and Shick: A Shared Program

Tuesday, May 12, 2020. 8:00 pm

[SUSPENDED] Kinzel and Shick: A Shared Program

Tuesday, May 12, 2020. 8:00 pm

Out of concern for the safety and health of our audiences, artists, staff, and community, Roulette has suspended live programming. Read more: roulette.org/covid-19

Choreographers Jon Kinzel and Vicky Shick present an evening of three moments of work. Kinzel will present Pacific Terminus, a trio with Emily Climer, Simon Courchel, and Kinzel. Recent opportunities Kinzel has had to bring his practice to bear on the time before and after the advent of the personal computer have produced a loose collection of drawings and paintings, video, sculpture, and dance forms, which variously address technology’s effects on visual culture, social relationships, performance, and the presentation of the moving body. This aforementioned research will inform his new trio developed for Roulette.

Jon Kinzel — choreographer and dancer
Simon Courchel — dancer
Emily Climer — dancer

Vicky Shick will present a quartet with Jennifer Lafferty, Athena Malloy, Marilyn Maywald Yahel, and Shick. This new abstract gathering of instances continues Shick’s fondness for non–sequiturs and odd juxtapositions while trying to establish offbeat intimacies inside detailed movement and a bit of chaos too. Kinzel and Shick will also show the reworking of a recently made collaborative duet.

Performers in Shick’s piece:

Jennifer Lafferty
Athena Malloy
Marilyn Maywald Yahel
Vicky Shick

Lighting for the evening: Carol Mullins

Jon Kinzel has presented his work, including numerous commissions and solo shows, in a variety of national and international venues. He has received support from foundations, fellowships, and residency programs, and served as a sound designer, dramaturg, and curator. Pacific Terminus, in part, stems from residencies held at Telematic Gallery in San Francisco, and the MacDowell Colony. He feels fortunate to have performed and collaborated with choreographers and artists across several disciplines, contributed to publications such as SCHIZM Magazine, MR Performance Journal, and PAJ: a journal of performance and art, and, to have taught at many institutions of higher learning, the Merce Cunningham Trust, Lincoln Center Education, and Movement Research.

Vicky Shick has been involved in the New York Dance Community for four decades. She has been making dances since the late eighties, collaborating with various performers, artists and sound designers. For six years she was a member of the Trisha Brown Company and has staged several of Brown’s pieces at colleges, companies and festivals. She has also performed with many other choreographers and created student pieces at several universities, most recently at Yale. In the NYC area, she teaches mostly at Movement Research, for the Trisha Brown Company, and for 15 years at Hunter College. She has taught internationally including in her hometown, Budapest. Just before the pandemic, she returned from a teaching /work-making residency in San Francisco at Margaret Jenkins Dance Lab. She was a two-time Movement Research Artist-in-Residence, a two-time Bessie recipient, a grant recipient from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a DiP grantee at Gibney Dance Center.

Emily Climer is a dancer and writer based in Brooklyn. She has recently shown choreography at Triskelion Arts, WeisAcres, The Third Barn, and the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, and is currently continuing work on a duet with Katie Skinner. As a performer, she has danced with Emma Rose Brown, Mina Nishimura, Susan Sgorbati & Elliot Caplan, Dustin Maxwell, Tori Lawrence, and Tyler Rai. Emily is in the process of building an online platform for improvisation research with her collaborator since Bennington College, Marie Lynn Haas. She also writes and edits books for emerging readers for Great Minds, an education non-profit.

Simon Courchel is native of Paris, France, where he studied dance, physiology, and art history as Le Conservatoire Superieur de Musique et de Dance de Paris. He then worked in Europe with several choreographers such as Lucinda Childs, Russel Maliphant, Bertrand d’At, Yuval Pic, Jean Claude Gallota, Michel Kelemenis, Karole Armitage, and Tero Saarinen. He also interpreted repertory works by choreographers Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Georges Balanchine, Vaslav Nijinsky, and Dominique Bagouet. Later he joined the choreographer Frederic Flamand and his team in Marseille to collaborate with architects Zaha Hadid, Dominique Perrault, and Thom Mayne in pieces that toured internationally. Based in Brooklyn since 2010, Courchel has worked with Carolee Schneemann, Fanny de Chaille, John Jasperse, Here O’Connor, Paul-Andre Fortier, Maria Hassabi, Yanira Castro, Yoshiko Chuma, Jon Kinzel, and Rebecca Lazier. Courchel also develops his own work as a photographer and works at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Jennifer Lafferty is originally from southern CA.  She has worked with Beth Gill, Sarah Michelson, Rebecca Lazier, Yasuko Yokoshi,  Michou Szabo, Anna Sperber, Christopher Williams, Renee Archibald and Nina Winthrop.  She has been involved with performance curation at Roulette and Sundays on Broadway.

Athena Malloy has had her work presented at Here,  Movement Research at Judson Church, The Kitchen, Joyce SoHo, P.S 122, Dixon Place, 92nd St Y, and the Next Stage. She is collaborating with Connor Voss and they will be showing their next evening length work at Invisible Dog in April 2021. She taught at the Susan Klein School, DNA, SUNY Purchase and the Trisha Brown studio. In 2003, she won a Bessie Award for her performances in RoseAnne Spradlin’s under/world. She has been dancing with Walter Dundervill since 2008, and she’s had a healing arts practice in Brooklyn for over twenty years.

Marilyn Maywald Yahel is a NYC-based dancer and choreographer who has been a close collaborator of Vicky Shick for the past decade. She has danced for Maggie Bennett, Milka Djordjevich, Beth Gill, Melanie Maar, Yin Mei, Steven Reker, Melinda Ring, and Katie Workum, and has presented her own work through Roulette, Dixon Place, Movement Research, BAX, and Sundays on Broadway. Marilyn grew up in Nashville, TN and attended Arizona State University. She lives with her family of four in Brooklyn, and is a Feldenkrais Method trainee.

Photo: Jon Kinzel by Pacific Terminus; Vicky Shick by Kegan Marling