Lea Bertucci • Jerome Foundation Residency Performance

Monday, January 14, 2013. 8:00 pm

Interdisciplinary artist Lea Bertucci presents the world premiere of two works: Respire and SEEP for her Jerome Foundation Residency at Roulette.

Respire, a composition for an ensemble of six acoustic instruments and four-channel synthesis. Conceived as a meditation on the act of breathing, this work will be based on long form patterns of inhalation/exhalation and will examine the relationship between acoustic and electric sound. The instrumentalists will be distributed throughout the balcony of Roulette’s theater to create dynamic movement of acoustic sound. Speakers will also be strategically placed throughout the theater, which will allow the synthesizer a similar sort of mobility, at turns blending and contrasting electric and acoustic sound.

SEEP is an experimental film shot the summer of 2012 in the mountains of southern Utah. A 23 minute long montage of dreamy reflections, mingling organic forms and patterns of moving light. This film will be presented with a live soundtrack performed by Lea Bertucci (Bass Clarinet, tapes) and Sandy Gordon (Vibraphone).

Lea Bertucci, Sandy Gordon, Nate Wooley, Jessica Pavone, Martha Cargo, John Stanesco, James Ilgenfritz, Aliza Simons, Matthew Regula

Lea Bertucci is an interdisciplinary artist who works with photography, sound, video and installation. She received her BA in Photography from Bard College in 2007, the same year she was awarded a fellowship from the Tierney Foundation. The emphasis of her work lies in exciting the liminal areas of perception.


Lea Bertucci’s performance is made possible with support from Jerome Foundation.