Love and Music: Celebrating Connie Crothers

Sunday, November 13, 2016 @ 4:30 pm

Remembering Connie Crothers 

Beloved, influential improvising pianist and teacher Connie Crothers passed away on August 13, 2016. More than 70 people associated with Connie throughout her life and career—musicians, visual artists, dancers, poets, family, and friends—will honor her memory and her legacy of love and music. 

Schedule of Appearances (Subject to change)

Charley Krachy — tenor sax
Sheila Jordan, Cameron Brown video — voice, bass
Kazzrie Jaxen — welcoming remarks
Paula Hackett, Rudi Mwongozi — poetry, piano
Richard Tabnik, Harvey Diamond, Sean Smith, Lou Grassi — alto, piano, bass, drums
Alexis Parsons, Frank Kimbrough — voice, piano
Jemeel Moondoc, On Ka’a Davis, Ras Moshe, Felice Rosser, Reggie Sylvester — alto, electric guitar, tenor, bass and voice, drums
Carmen Rivers, Dee McGuffey — speakers, photo projection
Kazzrie Jaxen, Gary Levy, Jimmy Halperin, Joe Solomon, Roger Mancuso — piano and voice, alto, tenor, bass, drums
Yuko Otomo — poetry
Kevin Norton, Claire de Brunner, Daniel Carter, Ed Pastorini, Ed Schuller — vibes, bassoon, horns, piano, bass
Deborah Masters — speaker, photo projection
Carol Liebowitz, Nick Lyons, Lorenzo Sanguedolce, Ken Filiano, Roger Mancuso — piano, alto, tenor, bass, drums
Carol Liebowitz, Bill Payne — piano, clarinet
Warren Smith, Karen Borca, Andrew Lamb, Ken Filiano, Jackson Krall — vibes, bassoon, tenor, bass, drums
Mark Weber, Ratzo B. Harris — poetry, bass
Andrea Wolper, Patrick Holmes, Ken Filiano, Michael TA Thompson— voice and composition, clarinet, bass, soundrhythm
Mara Rosenbloom, Adam Lane, Claire de Brunner, Adam Caine — piano, bass, bassoon, guitar
Jay Clayton, Kirk Nurock — voice, piano
Virg Dzurinko, Ryan Messina, Jessica Jones, Adam Lane, Federico Ughi — piano, trumpet, tenor, bass, drums
Rachel Tristano — speaker
Patricia Nicholson Parker, Bill Mazza, Jason Kao Hwang, Melanie Dyer, Michael Bisio, Michael TA Thompson, Jason Jordan — dance, art projections, violin, viola, bass, soundrhythm, dance
Steve Dalachinsky — poetry
Henry Grimes — bass
Steve Swell, Rob Brown, Larry Roland — trombone, alto, bass
Dori Levine, Andy Fite — voice, guitar and voice
Michael Bisio, Michael Wimberly, Jeff Schlanger — bass, drums, art projection
Cheryl Richards, Nick Lyons, Adam Caine, Will Jhun — voice, alto, guitar, tenor