Matana Roberts COIN COIN (Work in Progress / Performance Lab)

Friday, August 24, 2012. 7:00 pm

For  her residency at Roulette, Saxophonist/Composer Matana Roberts will be using the evening as a performance lab, experimenting/workshopping/considering conceptual ideas that are the building blocks of her work in progress, blood narrative COIN COIN as well as holding a Q&A about her practice. This will not be a new chapter of the series, just a consideration of new thoughts she may infuse into the work as a whole somewhere along the way.

Support for this program provided by the Jerome Foundation.

“The term “coin coin” is many sided in references here. To sum it up briefly, I’m trying to combine ideas of Location/Place– as in the french definition of “coin” —“corner” of my world…..Value–what is the cost of human space specifically as it relates to american culture and idea of “cost”… Legend/Oral tradition/Memory as it may or may not pertain to human DNA and the confusion it can play in the rendering of “tradition” , and ideas surrounding “Personal Politic” the metaphysical linkage/contradiction between difference vs. identity and how it relates, or does not relate to my “place” in the world as a sound explorer. Lastly, it is also a small shout out to snippets of my own ancestral lore.” Matana Roberts

Matana (m(a)-ta-na) Roberts; internationally documented, chicago born saxophonist/improviser/ composer/sound conceptualist; working in various mediums of   performance inquiry; has created alongside visionary experimentalists of this time period in various areas of improvisation, dance, poetry, visual art, theater; as a saxophonist, documented on sound recordings as collaborator, side woman and leader. some recent work focused on the place/problem of memory/tradition as recognized, deciphered, deconstructed, interrogated through radical modes of sound communication, alternative styles of musical notation, and multi genres of improvisation; based in new york city.