Matthew Welch

Saturday, May 19, 2007. 8:30 pm

Matthew Welch and Wayang Kontemporer – two multimedia collaborations inspired by The Balinese shadow play. Premiere of “Borges and the Other”, an opera performed by Welch’s ensemble Blarvuster, Balinese dance by Desiree A. Seguritan, setting text by Jorge Luis
Borges. Also a Tzadik DVD Edition pre-Release performance of Bhima Swarga – electronic sound and projected animations of traditional Balinese paintings by Ikue Mori, with Gamelan Dharma Swara performing Welch’s bagpipe inspired compositions for Balinese gamelan semara dana. “Borges and the Other” is a Roulette/Jerome Foundation commission.

Matthew Welch (b.1976) holds two university degrees in Experimental Music Composition, a BFA from Simon Fraser University (1999), and an MA from Wesleyan University (2001), studying with noted composers such as Barry Truax, Rodney Sharman, Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton. The eclectic breadth of his interests in Scottish bagpipe music, Balinese gamelan, minimalism, improvisation and rock converge in compositional amalgams ranging from traditional-like bagpipe tunes to electronic pieces, improvisation strategies and fully notated works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra and non-western instruments.