Mike McGinnis – Two Views of the Ängsudden Song Cycle, in collaboration with MuKha

Sunday, October 13, 2013. 6:00 pm

Mike McGinnis – Two Views of the Ängsudden Song Cycle, in collaboration with MuKha

Sunday, October 13, 2013. 6:00 pm

Ängsudden Song Cycle  
Music by Mike McGinnis
Words, images & still projections by MuKha

Celebrating the 482 Music release of  Ängsudden Song Cycle on LP and CD, composer/clarinet/saxophonist Mike McGinnis presents two views of this exciting new work. A collaborative project with the artist MuKha, Ängsudden Song Cycle shows how music and visual art can be fused into a unique artistic language. Inspired by a series of MuKha’s paintings and poems, McGinnis creates his own tone poem that depicts a sonic landscape bridging a Swedish archipelago and the woods of his native Maine. First, McGinnis will perform an abstract solo soprano saxophone version of the song cycle with solo dance choreographed and performed by Davalois Fearon of the Stephen Petronio Company. The second half of the program will feature the full chamber ensemble version of the song cycle featuring some of New York’s most original voices on the scene today.

Two views of the Ängsudden Song Cycle:

Version One: Ängsudden Song Cycle – Solo soprano saxophone version in the abstract – Solo dance choreographed & by Davalois Fearon (davaloisfearon.com)

Version Two: Ängsudden Song Cycle – Chamber Version with full ensemble

Kyoko Kitamura, voice
Mike McGinnis, clarinet, bass clarinet
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Jason Kao Hwang, viola
Khabu Doug Young, cavaquino
Sean Moran, acoustic guitar
Dan Fabricatore, bass
Harris Eisenstadt, percussions,vibraphone

Clarinetist/saxophonist/composer Mike McGinnis has traversed a broad palette of musical worlds throughout his career. Having worked with a diverse range of artists including Steve Coleman, Anthony Braxton, Bernie Worrell and Stew & The Negro Problem, McGinnis’ skills allow him to contribute his voice to a wide variety of musical settings.

MuKha is an American painter/photographer who spent time with indigenous tribes of the Philippines studying ancient scripts of the Palawan region to develop her most recent series of poems and paintings, which later became the basis of the Ängsudden Song Cycle. Currently dividing her time between Stockholm and Brooklyn, MuKha has exhibited her works in Asia, Europe and New York.

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