Mixology 2022: Excepter // Bonnie Baxter

Friday, February 18, 2022. 8:00 pm
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Bonnie Baxter at Roulette 2022 (audio)

Excepter at Roulette 2022 (audio)

Mixology 2022: Excepter // Bonnie Baxter

Friday, February 18, 2022. 8:00 pm

Mixology 2022 / Night Two: Excepter plays the real synth-folk blues. Bonnie Baxter (Kill Alters) feeds personal archival recordings into drum machines & samplers.

Set one: Bonnie Baxter (Kill Alters)

Set two: Excepter (John Fell Ryan, Lala Harrison Ryan, Jon Nicholson)

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Roulette’s annual Mixology Festival of electronically engaged artists returns with purveyors of the multidimensional. Taking inspiration from the great multi-instrumentalist Jerome Cooper’s description of his extended drum kit performances as “multidimensional drumming,” Mixology 2022 brings artists working in similar multiplicities, layers and multi-rhythms, for whom instrumentation, medium, and even genre—from techno to noise to hip hop beat tapes to synth folk blues—are, utilizing Cooper’s words, “…synthesized into one instrument.” Guest curated by artist and arts-worker Matt Mehlan.

Excepter is an American psychedelic experimental electronic folk rock band. Born out of the Brooklyn 00s noise scene and fronted by former No-Neck Blues Band electric tree-swinger John Fell Ryan, Excepter has a slowly shifting line-up, a dense discography, and notoriously hard-to-pin-down sound. Releases on Blast First Petite, Paw Tracks, Kill Rock Stars, and Load. Currently operating out of Chicago IL, USA.

Kill Alters is led by producer, multi-instrumentalist/live electronics, songwriter and vocalist Bonnie Baxter. Kill Alters is either Bonnie solo or as a live trio which includes Nicos Kennedy(OrbKA) and Hisham Bharoocha (ex-Lightening Bolt, ex – Black Dice, Boredoms). The sounds of Kill Alters project originated when Bonnie discovered a vast amount of cassette and vhs tapes that documented Bonnie’s early childhood and her mother’s life from the late 1970’s into the 90’s. So all of the samples in the music stem directly from these tapes. She shared these with her bandmate and partner, Nicos, which was the beginning of the exploration “Kill Alters”. She‘s currently performing solo live with drum machines, samples from the archived tapes and live vocals.