Miya Masaoka

Sunday, November 19, 2000 @ 8:30 pm

Grabbing notes from thin air from a virtual koto, Miya Masaoka brings her unique inventions of techniques, songs and contraptions to perform acoustic, Laser Koto and Powerbook. Often seen in collaboration with live insects and video, tonight she performs with a guest tabla player, Samir Chatterjee. Masaoka has worked with the Bang on a Can Allstars, Ornette Coleman, George Lewis, ROVA, Pharoah Sanders, Steve Coleman and many others. The Laser Koto, with its design and sensors made especially for her, runs on the MAX/MSP program.

Miya Masaoka excerpt with Samir Chatterjee live at Roulette 2000

Miya Masaoka full concert live at Roulette 2000