Saturday, June 4, 2011. 1:00 pm



Saturday, June 4, 2011. 1:00 pm

Although not officially open until Fall 2011, ROULETTE BROOKLYN will open its doors this June for a two day John Cage MUSICIRCUS as part of the Atlantic Avenue Art Walk!

A carnival of all things experimental, the Roulette Brooklyn MUSICIRCUS brings a cornucopia of musicians, dancers, video artists, and performance artists from all corners of New York City’s artistic community together for a celebration of chaos and and the harmonies of simultaneity.

First performed in 1967, John Cage’s MUSICIRCUS is simply an invitation for performers to assemble and play together – a “happening” where multiple performances occur simultaneously to create new and unusual configurations.

A collage of genres and forms, the Roulette Brooklyn MUSICIRCUS will unfold over the course of two full day events, with the audience invited to wander freely and choose their own sonic and visual relationships.

This will be the first event in Roulette’s newly renovated, wonderful space, and is presented as Roulette’s contribution to the Atlantic Ave Art Walk.

More info here: MUSICIRCUS

“seen from a particular point of view, music is simply the art of focusing attention on one thing at a time. In my works, I have tried not to focus the attention on one thing at a time, and have used this principle that I call “musicircus” – of having many things going on at once; the simultaneity of unrelated intentions.” -John Cage


June 4 & 5
1 – 6 PM

509 Atlantic Ave (at 3rd Ave)
2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains and the LIRR

JUNE 4th

Buckminster: Brad Henkel, Nathaniel Morgan, Peter Hanson
Brown Wing Overdrive: Chuck Bettis, Derek Morton, Coralie Lonfat
Margaret Leng Tan
Cori Olinghouse “Ghost line (work-in-progress)”
Ha Yang Kim
Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat) / Melissa Lockwood / Ana Santos “Daily Routines”
Matana Roberts
Michael Vincent Waller – Raga Brooklyn (2011) accompanied by James Ross; Michael Vincent Waller – 4’32” for John Cage (2011)
Miguel Gutierrez
MV Carbon “Stabilimenta”
Natalie Elizabeth Weiss AKA Unicornicopia (DJ SET OF THE FUTURE)
Ashcan Bell Choir
Twisty Cat
Zeljko McMullen
Lucas Geronimas
MERCE (Shelley Burgon, Maria Chavez)
Kagel Nacht – the music of Mauricio Kagel
Shiraishi Tamio
Zach Layton
Daniel Fishkin & Tristan Shepherd
Katherine Liberovskaya & Peter Shapiro
Bruce Eisenbeil & Andrew Drury
Anthony Coleman