New York Electronic Art Festival: Ikue Mori & LEMUR / Miya Masaoka / Peter Blasser / David Galbraith / Laetitia Sonami $20

Saturday, October 17, 2009 @ 6:00 pm

$5.00 discount for Harvestworks members and DTW members.

A quintuple bill with New York-based sound artist Ikue Mori in collaboration with an electronic music robot ensemble provided by LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical; composer and media artist Miya Masaoka will present her LED Kimono Project which features a kimono fabricated from nearly 900 LEDs that interacts with the properties of sound, motion and physical conditions; Baltimore-based sound artist Peter Blasser will perform with his self-invented electronic instrument the din datin dudero; New York-based composer and media artist David Galbraith will present works based on his custom software “lgOpre” that links vintage grid pattern algorithms with vinyl record lock-groove samples; and Laetitia Sonami will perform a new work with her signature instrument, the Lady’s Glove. $20/night