Phantom Orchard: Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori // Pet Bottle Ningen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012. 8:00 pm

Friends and colleagues since 1988, Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins are two of the strongest musical voices out of the downtown scene.  Lynchpins of bands as diverse as DNA, Skeleton Crew, Electric Masada, Hemophiliac and Björk, each have been leading figures of the downtown scene since the early 1980s, and their collaboration, Phantom Orchard is the perfect outlet for their unique and personal musical languages.  Tonight, Phantom Orchard presents duo arrangements of work from their most recent album, Trouble in Paradise (Tzadik), featuring Mori on live visuals and electronics and Parkins on harps, keyboard, and celesta.

Pet Bottle Ningen is an avant-garde rocketship which journeys through musical worlds of composition featuring three of New York City’s finest young “Downtown” musicians, saxophonist Nonoko Yoshida, guitarist Dave Scanlon and drummer Dave Miller. A first meeting improvisation in October of 2009 between Scanlon and longtime associates Yoshida and Miller at Brooklyn’s D.I.Y. space Death By Audio led to months of workshopping ideas, composing new music, playing shows, and a 3 island tour of Japan during August 2010. Described by Dither guitarist Josh Lopes as “hyper specific, hyper non-specific music” PBN’s repertoire features a diverse world of sketches, melody, counterpoint, rhythm, noise and sonic curiosity which are displayed on their debut recording on Tzadik records, available the summer of 2011.