Plays Well With Others: Alex Escalante; Maria Chavez; Anna Azrieli

Wednesday, October 19, 2011. 8:00 pm


$15 General Admission
$10 Members/Students/Seniors

Plays Well With Others Festival is a 3 night mixed-genres festival exploring music, dance, video, and performance.

October 19
Dance artist Anna Azrieli presents “if you look up” – a landscape of scattered, subtly vibrating bodies in the space. Unceasing movement transforms both performers and viewers alike. A lone figure emerges from the simple yet overwhelming rhythm. Alex Escalante presents a new solo improvised dance work – combining movement and manipulated vocals in performance. Avant-turntablist – and previous Jerome Foundation Commission recipient – Maria Chavez presents short solo electro-acoustic sound pieces using a collection of new and broken needles that she calls “pencils of sound” and a selection of records, which provide the palette.

Alex Escalante is a Brooklyn based choreographer/performer. His work employs
various mediums including dance, theater, film and live music. Escalante’s
works delve into current socio-political issues, creating a performance space in
which viewers are invited to examine and reflect upon their own beliefs. Born in Los Angeles, Escalante received a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. In 1999 he moved to New York City and has subsequently performed and toured with Donna Uchizono Company, Jennifer Monson/Birdbrain, Doug Varone, Doug Elkins, David Neumann, Gerald Casel and the Metropolitan Opera. Escalante also works as a freelance photographer and is a teaching artist in the NYC public schools working with at-risk youth.

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