Plays Well With Others: Zeljko McMullen; Sarah Boatright; Scott Kiernan

Monday, October 17, 2011. 8:00 pm

Plays Well With Others: Zeljko McMullen; Sarah Boatright; Scott Kiernan

Monday, October 17, 2011. 8:00 pm


$15 General Admission
$10 Members/Students/Seniors

Plays Well With Others Festival is a 3 night mixed-genres festival exploring music, dance, video, and performance.

October 17
Born February 4th, 1980 in Massillon, Ohio – attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and the Bard MFA program. Co-curated the Paris London New York West Nile performance space and gallery from September 2006 until April 2010. Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Has exhibited and/or performed across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Utilizes sounds and images to deconstruct the present space of the experiencer, replacing it with a perpetually shifting mythical architecture. This performance at Roulette will consist of live diffused sound over multi-speakers.

Artist Sarah Boatright will show her complete “Re-Enactment Videos” series where she transcribes overheard conversations that she has recorded (some of which she was in, some not), and then re-enacts them in character.

Scott Kiernan
Garbage for the Gap
HD digital video 7 min
In the video “Garbage for the Gap” the line between a performative act and a narrative (with protagonist) is intentionally blurred.

The imagery is from a series of walks in a straight line through the wildly different environs of New York City and the New Mexico Desert in which I wore a large convex mirror (typically used for catching shoplifters) on my back. The actual performance attempted to place the device used for surveillance (the security mirror) directly onto the surveyed subject and bounce the “information” back… producing a rupture in the visual landscape.

However, as the video documentation began, I soon realized that aside from obvious similarities between my situation and that of a viewer watching a video on a screen, there were also actually a set of opposing mirrors at play… the one on my back and the mirror of the camera lens itself.
Each of my steps forward (and away from the camera) placed a distorted image of what was left behind (the past steps) in both the mirror on my back and the mirror of the lens.

This visual convergence of past and present lead me to think of the nature of looking into a mirror… how it is always a confrontation with the present moment and a corporeal record of the past.

Healing of K. 2008

Single channel video, 10 min.

“Healing of K” is a 10 minute video (with optional installation/performance) based on a box of found taped sessions of a late 1970’s psychic healer and her patient “Kaye” . These tapes are cut-up and assembled into a single monologue in which the voice, played on a monolithic tape machine on a pedestal, addresses the audience in a manner alluding to a cult-like initiation or brainwashing.

The work tries to collide theatricality into unmediated physical response. Initially, it tries to lull the audience into skepticism of this somewhat new agey/hokey material, to then drop them into the physical experience of a vivid color and sound synchronization.

By recontextualizing the found tapes, I not only tried to give this dead record of a private therapy session a new performative life, I also sought to question the situations we submit ourselves to in the name of “healing”, “therapy”, group affiliation, self-improvement etc. and how these may oppose and co-exist with actual physical sensations.

E.S.P. TV (Excerpts from Episodes 1-8) 2011

E.S.P. TV is a showcase of (primarily NYC based) music and video art taped “in front of a live studio audience” with live green-screening and analog video manipulation. The entire night is sent to a VHS deck and the tape is cut down into 28 min episodes and sent to Manhattan Neighborhood Network for airing on cable access TV. E.S.P. TV is produced by Louis V E.S.P. gallery (Scott Kiernan and Ethan Miller).

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